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C3 Video [Feb. 9th, 2004|06:49 pm]
Angels of Cleveland


[mood |organised/mildly disappointed]

I got the tape copied today - I got four copies down, but I've just checked them all and one of them completely lacks sound, so I'll have to try and work out how to get that back and recopied later this week. (Argh.) But, yeah. That's done. I'm aiming to get my mum to send off the three that are done either tomorrow morning or the day after, so Sunny, Court and Lis, please keep an eye to your mail boxes. As soon as I've got the fourth tape back, I'd like a second volunteer, if anyone cares to, to copy it and send it out to other people. I think it would be best if everyone who can manage it can send a couple dollars for postage and the blank tape to whomever copies it for them, but I assume we can work this out once we know who will be making copies as well as Lissie.

Getting the tapes done cost me $60 US, so, uh... if anyone wants to toss me a couple bucks, that'd be greatly appreciated. But it's not hugely urgent, and if you can't manage it, then please don't worry. If you do want to, please comment here, and I can work out whether it might be easier to get those of you who can and want to to just paypal it to Lacy, to cover part of the $39 I owe her.

Sorry to keep adding more tiny dollops of money on here and there, but for me, at least, this is just what you can manage. And if anyone can't for whatever reason, I'm sure the rest of us can take care of you. We look after our own, ne?

[User Picture]From: shihadchick
2004-02-11 07:00 am (UTC)


thank you, Sandra. you're awesome. you guys are ALL awesome.

and, meep. poor girl. *pets and hopes you got good sleep and drugs since*
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